a living room with green couches

New Event Venue in Downtown Denver

A Setting Designed for Embracing Life

As a world-class venue space, Parlur is able to transform and speak to any vision. Providing exactly the tools you need to create a celebration that reflects who you are, we provide a cutting-edge backdrop that goes beyond other Downtown Denver event venues

Venue Highlights

  • Over 7,000 Square Feet of Space
  • Receptions for 750 people
  • Dining for 320 attendees
  • Indoor and Outdoor Event Space
  • Modern Lounge Social Seating
  • Curated Catering Offerings
a living room with a fireplace

This is Parlur

This is the space to catch each other’s light. This is the space to break bread with your people. This is the space to bridge the gaps of time.


The Finer Details

Set the scene in Downtown Denver’s most unique venue, offering a flexible backdrop that frees its walls for visionaries and go-getters. Accommodating up to 750 reception guests with warm décor and a welcoming design, Parlur is a one-of-a-kind ‘one-stop shop’ locale steeped in a remarkable atmosphere.

Our Capacity

Room Floorplan sq. ft. banquet reception theater Schoolroom
Inside parlur ourvenues mockup icon 5,500 320 750 300 100
Patio parlur ourvenues mockup icon 1.995 100 300 - -
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Craft Your Next Event


It's home - sort of. At least, that's how Parlur should feel. Aside from dressing up and celebrating an occasion, our guests and hosts should feel as comfortable here as they do at home, otherwise we're doing something wrong.

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Craft Your Next Event


Although we like to take our shoes off and kick back, Parlur exudes an air of elegance and glamor to make each event feel sophisticated and professional beyond its original intentions. Hosts and guests will feel like royalty experiencing a carefully crafted event, down to the finest detail.

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Craft Your Next Event


Choosing Parlur means choosing a friend. We don't beat around the bush. This is a space for our hosts to realize their vision, and we are only here to help them do that, to support them, and to honor their intentions. For them to be the real them, we need to be the real us.

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Craft Your Next Event


The perfect event space is a blank canvas. It frees its walls and rooms for visionaries, dreamers, and believers. Parlur has its own voice, but when hosts arrive, it can transform to speak to any vision. We don't put people in boxes, we provide the tools needed to make our hosts' events a reflection of who they are, not who we are.

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Craft Your Next Event


Welcome to where quality, experience, and craft come together all in one place. No detail is left untouched, no one is left unconsidered, and the decor and architecture of the space are so irresistible you'll want to add it to your social feed.